Mag. Art., Doctor of Arts, Artist


2017Doctor of Arts, University of Lapland (FI), Faculty of Art and Design, Department for Media Studies. Dissertation defended 8.6.2017
1993Diploma with distinction. Masterclass for Tapestry. Additional study directions: Textiles Gestalten (Teacher Training), Masterschool for Nature Studies, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)           
1986Graduation at HBLVA for Textile Industry, Spengergasse, Vienna (AT)


2019Zeit und Transformation.Fine Art Galerie Traismauer (AT)
2018Das Bild bewegt- Das bewegte Bild. (Interaction with Andrea Behn). Basement, Vienna (AT)
2018TEXTIL :: ART :: CODE. Schüttkasten Primmersdorf (AT) Ausstellungsbrücke at the Government of Lower Austria, NÖ, St.Pölten (AT)
2015Picturing Time-In the Blink of an Eye. Kunsthaus Durchhaus, Vienna (AT)
2013TRANSACTION 3- From Flatland to Spaceland-Picturing Time. Galleria Valo, Arktikum Museum and Arctic Science Centre, Rovaniemi (FI)
2013LIQUID THOUGHTS. Interactive Video Installations on UBI hotspots. StreetArt Gallery Oulu (FI). Curator Matias Kukka
2013In the Blink of an Eye. Galeria Voima, Kemi (FI). Kurator: Kari Lunnas
2012AURA/AURORA. With N. Czegledy, L. Kiss. Machfeld project space for conceptual media art. Vienna (AT)
2011Reflections- the Game of the Shadows. With E. Timonen. Rovaniemi Design Week. Pilke Science and Art-center. Curator: Pävi Tahkokallio. Rovaniemi (FI)
2011The Shadows of the Caves. Mit E.Timonen, V.Tuiskul. University of Lapland, Rovaniemi (FI)
2011Liquid Light. Schüttkasten Primmersdorf. Schloss Primmersdort (AT)
2010Aura /Aurora. With N. Czegledy, L. Kiss. 2B Gallery Budapest (HU). Plain Art Festival
2009R & R. Galeria Voima. Kemi (FI)
2007DangerousBeauty. SIM-House Gallery (Center of Icelandic Art), Reykjavik (IS)
2006TRANSACTION 2. KATVE Galleria, University of Lapland. Rovaniemi (FI)
2006TRANSACTION 1. Lume Mediakeskus, Helsinki (FI)
2006Satellites,Outposts and a Ridiculous Leap of Faith. With A. Viscio. Lume Mediakeskus, Helsinki (FI)
2006Satellites,Outposts and a Ridiculous Leap of Faith. With A. Viscio. MAK, Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna (AT). Curator: Andreas Kristof
2005The Big Red Addictlab Gallery, Brussels (BE). Curator: Jan Van Mol
2005Psychic Reverbs. Galerie Franzke, Vienna (AT)
2005Galerie Maringer. St. Pölten (AT)
2005Constructed Realism in Photography. Photo Co-op. New York. Curator: Samantha Dulak
2003Between. With T. Barth. Addictlab Gallery, Brussels (BE). Curator: Jan Van Mol
2003Between. With T. Barth. De Winkelhaak Design Museum, Antwerp. Curator: Jan Van Mol
2003Possen: postposito. With M. Seibald, L. Rundgren. Kemi Art Museum. Kemi (FI). Curator: Sarianne Soikkonen


2016Metamorphoses: Encounters. Gallery Seinä, Rovaniemi (FI)
2016Working Together. Simbiosis. Pachuca (MX)
2016PARALLEL VIENNA 2016. Artfair, Vienna (AT)
2016Voidbook Soirrée (Ludic Society), Kunsthaus Durchhaus, Wien (AT)
201510 Years Schüttkasten Primmersdorf. Schloss Primmersdort (AT). Curator: John Roberts
2015Kriegumfrieden, empeacing war. Reichenau an der Rax. AnderArt. Hirschwangerhof. Curator: Thomas Fritsch
2014Fastenausstellung. Sommerrefektorium, Dom St.Pölten (AT). Curator: Renate Minarz
2013aura/AURORA extended. With N. Czegledy. Schupfengalerie Herzogenburg (AT). NÖ- Festival, days of open Galleries and Studios
2013reduction. Vienna Fabrics & Designs, Vienna (AT). Curator: Therese Backhausen
2012WOMAN POWER III. Galerie Kunst und Handel, Graz (AT)
2011Aura/Aurora. With N. Czegledy, L. Kiss. artMuse Media Art Festival, Textilmuseum Bocholt (DE)
2009Dangerous Beauty II. Site-specific Installation. Shunt Longe London (UK). Curator: Beatabet
20092ndThessaloniki Biennale. State Museum of Contemporary Art (GR)
2008Bildobjekt.Centro Aldo Moro a Cordenons (IT)
2007Sequences Real-Time Art Festival. Lost Horse Gallery. Reykjavik (IS)
2006Spectrum Farbe – Kunst der Moderne. Lower Austria Museum, St.Pölten (AT). Curator: Alexandra Schantl
2004Short Cuts. Schloss Thurnmühle, Schwecht (AT)
2003Galerie Freihausgasse. Curator: Dr. Renate Obhud
2002Textileworks at the Austrian Pavillion at the 8. International Architecture Biennale Venedig (IT). Pavillion concept: Heidulf Gerngross


TRANSACTION as INTERACTION: Art as an Extended Sense of Space.2017. Printed: Acta Universitatis Lapponiensis 348. ISBN 978-952-484-990-6. ISSN 0788-7604

Pdf: Acta Universitatis Lapponiensis 215. ISBN 978-952-484-991-3. ISSN 1796-6310


Deconstructing and Mediating the Extension of Space toward Hybrid Realities. European Scientific Journal, February 2015/SPECIAL/edition Vol.1 ISSN: 1857 (Print) e-1857-7431

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From Data to Visual Space: The Impact of Data Visualization on Deconstructing and Mediating the Extension of Space. Data is Beautiful Conference, Data from the view of Society, Science, Art, Design and Technology. 2012, ISBN 978-963-08-5452-8. Published by: Kitchen Budapest, HU


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Designing an interactive installation regarding the Aurora Borealis.Schülke Bettina, Korakidou Veroniki., Addictlab Inspiration book, Research 29 intangible.scapes. Addictlab in partnership with IMEC, Brussels. 2008


2019Round Table Discussion, eu/te/ma technology management. On Citizen Science and Art & Science. Vienna (AT) 
2019Artist Talk. Fine Art Galerie. Traismauer (AT)
2018Artist Talk. Schüttkasten Primmersdorf (AT)
2017TRANSACTION as INTERACTION: Art as an Extended Sense of Space.Lecture. Künstlerhaus Wien. Vienna (AT)
2015Aura/Aurora Intervention & Round Table discussion on Art & Science Collaboration. Concept, Organization, Participation. Kunsthaus Durchhaus, Vienna (AT)
2013Conference presentation. New Materialisms IV- Movement, Aesthetics, Ontology. Turku (FI)
2012Conference presentation. Data is Beautiful. Budapest (HU)
2012artMUSE- Alliance of Media Art Festival. Aura/Aurora (Textiles and Technology). Workshop, symposium, presentation. Bocholt (DE).
2011Conference presentation. ISEA2011 (International Symposium of Electronic Arts) Istanbul (TR)
2010Educational Workshop, Workshop leader. ISEA2010 Ruhr (DE).
2009Workshop & round table discussion. Kitchen Budapest Medialab (KIBU). Device Art Conference. Budapest (HU)
2009Conference Presentation. ISEA2009 Belfast (IR)
2009Conference Presentation. NeMe-IMCA Conference – Collaborative art/science practice: Processes, Structures and Methodologies. Thessaloniki (GR). 


2007-9Representative of the University of Lapland and participating artist of the EU Project e-MobileArt (European Mobile Lab for Interactive Artists). Focus: An experiment in collaboration at the intersection of art, science and technology.


2006Invitation: Hearing for Professorship position. Textiles Gestalten, University Mozarteum, Salzburg (AT)
1989-91Three times Masterclass prize, for Nature Studies and Textiles Gestalten, Academy of fine Arts Vienna (AT)
1989Fügerpreis in Gold, Academy of fine Arts Vienna (AT)


2017University of Lapland (FI), Publication Grant for the Doctoral dissertation 
2015University of Lapland (FI), Rectors Grant
2013University of Lapland (FI), Project Grant for TRANSACTION 3
2009Austrian Federal Ministry of Education Arts and Culture (AT), International Project Grant e-MobileArt Production
2007ERASMUS Scholarship Finland-Austria
2006University of Lapland (FI), Project Grant for TRANSACTION 2
2006University of Lapland (FI), Project Grant for TRANSACTION 1
2006Austrian Federal Ministry of Education Arts and Culture (AT), International Project Grant for the production of Satellites, Outpost and a Ridiculous Leap of Faith


2013Talo-Residency for Creative People, Rovaniemi (FI)
2011Austrian Embassy, Budapest (HU)
2007Center of Icelandic Art (SIM-House), Reykjavik (IS)
2003addictlab (global creative think thank), Brussels (BE)
2003Designcenter De Winkelhaak Museum, Antwerp (BE)


2015-17Artistic Co-Director,  Kunsthaus Durchhaus (Les Tardes Goldscheyder), Vienna (AT)
2010Research project, SmartTextiles Applications for Fa. Backhausen in collaboration with the Austrian Textile Research Institute (AT)
2005Textile Designs for Linnen & Essentials, New York (USA)
1995Long-standing and periodic collaboration with Vesna Design (textile design and textile hand printing)
1994 –Freelancing Artist


2016-Portfolio.Display and Projektmangement. Diplomaseminar. kunstschule wien
2013On artistic research. Lecture, University of Lapland (FI)
2013Lecture, artistic research, Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences, Culture (FI) 
2012Space-Time-Light course, Länsi-Lappin ammatti-instituutti. Tornio (FI)
2011Space-Time-Installation course, Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences (FI)
2011Space-Time-Light course, Länsi-Lappin ammatti-instituutti. Tornio (FI)
2010-11Interactive Textile Installations course (technology and interactivity). Exhibition Planning Course. Master Program Tilan ilme. University of Lapland, Faculty of Art and Design (FI)
2010Art production course. International Master Program in Cultural Entrepreneurship. Kaajani University of Applied Sciences (FI)
2009Space-Time-Light course, Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Siences, Culture (FI)
2007Aurora Borealis workshop. Nordplus funded intensive course. University of Lapland, Faculty of Art and Design (FI)
2007Stillstand picture and movement, workshop, Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Siences, Culture (FI)       
2003Space-Time-Light Installation course, Public Space. Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Siences, Culture (FI)
2003The Use of Light and Sound in Space- Course. Sodanky Midnight Sun Film Festival. Organized by the Lapland, Faculty of Art and Design (FI)
2002Space-Time-Light course, Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences, Culture (FI)
2001Space-Time-Light course, Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences, Culture (FI)
1994Textile printing und painting, Academy of fine Arts Wien (AT), Institute for Textiles Gestalten


2018/19Organization of the Diploma exhibition, kunstschule wien (AT)
2015-17Exhibitions and events, Kunsthaus Durchhaus, Wien (AT)
2011Student projects exhibition at Arctic Design Week, University of Lapland. Rovaniemi (FI)
2009Workshop, eMoble-Art (European Mobile Lab for Interactive Artists) an der University Lapland, Rovaniemi (FI). Co-organisation mit M. Ninimäki
2004Student projects exhibition. Aine Art Museum Kemi (FI)
2001-3Student projects exhibition. Light-installations in the Public space. Kemi (FI)


Gemäldegalerie, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)

Marian Korff-Stiftung, Illmünster (DE)

Artothek Krems, Land NÖ (AT)

Land Niederösterreich, St.Pölten (AT)

Land Kärnten, Villach (AT)

Österreichische Nationalbank, Wien (AT)

AKH, Allgemeines Krankenhaus Wien (AT)

Freunde der bildenden Künste, Vienna (AT)

Johnson & Johnson, Wien (AT)

Tigercoastings, Linz, AT

Kemi/Tornio University of Applied Art and Science (FI)

Private Collections


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Visual Images and projections for Stage Design. Musical Mea Kulpa. KlangKasten Böheimkirchen (AT). 2017

Wallobject. Volksbank Baden (AT). 2008

Transitoriness. Large size Textile-object Augustiner-Chorherrenstift Herzogenburg (AT). 2002

Large size Wallpainting (20 x 5 m), Rachat Palace Hotel, Almaty, Kasachstan (KZ). Cooperation with John Roberts. 1995

Liturgical customs for the Augustiner-Chorherrenstift Herzogenburg (AT). 1997


German (Mother language), English (excellent in word and text)


The Institute for Unnecessary Research. Head of the Department of Textile Abuse. Brighton (GB). 

Künstlerhaus Wien