KATVE Gallery, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi (FI)

TRANSACTION 2 is a site-specific installation and stop-motion animation, creating the „moment“ of movement. The animation is developed of the material from TRANSACTION 1.

This project is comprised of the following components:

HIGHWAY NR.4 , video installation: Movement, motion sequence, time laps, the stop-motion period, light and darkness are used to create perception and perspective. It deals with the contents of movement and the stop-motion period. Movement is connected with the way the viewer is exploring space and time trough light. The stop-motion provides the time to see and perseive.

PLUM BOB`S BIG ADVENTURE, is a „Walltattoo“ developed for the KATVE GALLERY. The idea of creating movement through perspective within a certain space is used for this installation in form of an endless wall-drawing. Color is thrown against the wall with a singular string encased of pigments. The repercussion of this sound will be recorded and be part of the audio-installation. The snap of the sound fades into the reverb of infinity. The audio implements the TRANSACTION of the “Walltattoo”.

T2, 1-12; The photo works manifest visually the process of TRANSACTION. Perspective and movement are shown through a microscopic entry. It is about reentering the work, exploring the abstract quality of the graphics and high-lightening details. The point of focus is in the fore and reflects the moment of movement.

Open QT-VR (Fullscreen, Quick Time required)

TRANSACTION is thought in 2 ways.

  • Transaction of the stop-motion period transferred into movement.
    Transaction of the image; pictures in picture format are put into movement, transaction in form of the visual perception.
  • Transaction between the observer and the space.
    Transaction by the viewer, trough movement, through light, trough audio.

The sensory perception of Transaction emerges through movement of the vision, which is creating space. Within this process it becomes visible, that spatiotemporal thinking and perception is connected to action. The trans – sectoral aspect of this theme is explored trough different ways of perceiving our surroundings.