Dangerous Beauty

Ongoing Research project…

Pollution Diary, drawing on text, and photo collage

Dangerous Beauty is dealing with the content of the perception of vibrations, the invisibility of pollution and the danger of toxic elements.

Everything is situated within a process, everything is in motion, with a faster or slower speed and this fact is inseparable from time and its connected environment. Taking this chain of thoughts further, there is the space, the object “vibrating”, the understanding and the moving viewer, who is in between. Through the physically movement of the receiver, an active and temporal engagement is taking place and the object is rearranging itself through the vibrations in the space and through the viewer.

Dangerous Beauty is comprised out of images taken from the movement of the surface of water. Hereby motion is captured at a point of standstill on a picture plane. Through slicing these images in organic shapes and rearranging these forms, a process of deconstruction and construction is taking place.

Our own surrounding is influenced through our entire surrounding, even through these elements, we do not see immediately. But exactly these can be most dangerous ones and water becomes a carrier of this process. I do pick up fragments of contamination which are at first glace for our eyes maybe invisible.

This installation reflects the accumulation of toxic elements. All the danger, which is connected to this topic, can be hidden under the loveliness and beauty of the surface, which often is just an illusion. Water can be seen like a mirror, which turns everything into reality.

areal photos, collages, photo cut-out installations, photo collage on laser cuts on aluminum, images from 2007/8