2011 July 16-17, artMUSE MEDIA ART FESTIVAL, Bocholt (GER)

“From industrial to post-digital revolution.”

artMUSE Germany

artMUSE is a European media art project which is established between cultural institutions, sites of heritage, of local history and of contemporary and media art in Bocholt, Bitola, Budapest, Bremen, Delmenhorst, Gdansk, Ghent, Sofia and Wroclaw. The project aims to join contemporary media art to industrial history.

2010  Plein Air Festival, Budapest (HU)

2 B Gallery


interactive sound and light installation

Aura/Aurora from laszlo kiss on Vimeo.

Aura/Aurora is the most recent phase of an ongoing art & science project presenting an interactive interpretation of the Polar Lights, – Aurora Borealis and Australis, the magnificent, mysterious and dynamic natural spectacle that has retained a near-mythical status in most cultures over centuries. The dazzling geo-specific phenomenon, typically observed in the Polar Regions is not only a brilliant spectacle but it also makes dramatically visible the invisible world of electromagnetic activities.

Aura/Aurora is a real–time audio-visual installation combining visuals and sonic. It has been argued that an artwork can hardly compete with the actual experience of a natural phenomenon therefore we aimed at an alternative approach by developing an installation with a range of components by engaging active audience participation. A series of visual images are also included in the exhibition, these digital images represent experimental installation elements in form of abstract enigmatic fields of color.

Aura/Aurora the interactive light-installation (LED RGBs) is ideally situated in a distinct dark space. On entering this space, little is visible in the dimmed light; the spectacle of the moving lights is initiated through the physical movement of the visitor by motion sensors that trigger the lights and sound by tracking the visitor’s movements. There is only some, but significant scientific evidence about the sounds of the Aurora. Resonating ambience design supports the installation by creating the audio sphere as an artistic interpretation of the natural phenomenon. A collage of nature sources in electronic transformation along with synthesizer-generated sounds enhance the visitors’ senses. The ultimate aim is to create a seductive experience for the visitor to evoke a real or imaginary experience of the Aurora.