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AURA/AURORA @ artMUSE mediaart festival

AURA/AURORA at artMUSE mediaart festival in Bocholt (GER).

Bettina Schülke and Nina Czegledy in collaboration with Marton Andras Juhasz and Laszlo Kiss. Aura/Aurora is a real-time audio-visual installation combining visuals and sonic. The most recent phase of this ongoing art & science project is presenting an interactive interpretation of the Polar Lights, – Aurora Borealis and … Read More


Shadows is a media installation including video projections, paper cutouts, Smart Textile collages and sounds. The theme originates from abstract images of water. Water is an elementary part of the Northern nature whether it is in frozen or liquid form. Motion of water has inspired the basic imagery of the whole installation. The Northern is not only a physical place of being but also an abstraction, characterized by rhythm, colors, shapes and sounds.



KAAMOS BETTINA SCHÜLKE SALON 4, 5.4.2011, ab 18:00, Strohgasse 8/18, 1030 Wien. Ausstellungsbesichtigung vom 6.4.- 16.4. 2011 nach telefonischer Vereinbarung: 0676 372 010 Der Begriff Kaamos ist der finnische Ausdruck für Polarnacht, also jene Zeit, in der am Polarkreis die Sonne nicht mehr über dem … Read More


Intelligent Textiles

Ultra Smart Textiles are the latest generation of Smart Textiles, which can sense, react and adopt themselves to environmental conditions or stimuli from mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical or magnetic sources. Thus the participatory audience experience is significantly heightened, “pushing the boundaries”, compared to models created … Read More


REFLECTIONS-the game of the shadows

A site-specific installation project in collaboration with Eija Timonen. Premier opening: 14.2.2011, at Pilke, Rovaniemi (FI). Reflections – the game of the shadows is a collage of paper-cut outs, textile prints and knitting installations. The thematic comes from abstract images of water; from frozen to … Read More