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LIQUID THOUGHTS, interactive – visual installation,Katugaleria, exhibited at 14 UBI Hotspots throughout the City of Oulu (FI), on display 1. – 31.5. 2013

Liquid Thoughts reflects on the transformation of processes. Where, what and however they are. How transformation takes place? What happens in the continuum of space and time? How much is the environment effecting on the form of transformation? What does it mean when time is becoming involved? What changes the state of being? At which point does this process stop? Is there any stop or just change of direction? These are just some of the questions coming up and the list of thoughts could be continued to infinity. This installation invites the viewer to create her/his own chain of course.

YOU are the one, who is called to pause the flow and interact. Liquid Thoughts animates to interfere and stop the time, extending the moment, give time to the thoughts.

Water is the element I have chosen to investigate and reflect on this content.

water is……..life is……..transformation

Photography is the medium I used to investigate this process. Some of the images are snapshots; others carry on this process of transformation in transforming the images itself.

Interaction design, programming and thanks to: Matias Kukka